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The Anglers Trust

The Club is pleased to be a member of The Anglers Trust.

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Club Rules

1 Members and guests should uphold the good name of Kinver Freeliners Angling Club at all times.
2 Any breach of club rules may lead to the member’s expulsion from the Club.
3 Membership cards remains the property of Kinver Freeliners Angling Club.
4 Membership runs from 1st April to 31st March each year.
5 A yearly subscription of such amount as decided at the clubs AGM shall be paid to Kinver Freeliners Angling Club by each member.
6 Membership card must be in the possession of the member whilst fishing club waters otherwise you may be charged for a day ticket or asked to leave the water, depending on venue.
7 Please remember you are all bailiffs in your own right, help us to look after our waters.
8 All membership applications subject to committee approval.
9 A maximum of 200 members will be accepted in any one season.
10 Guests are allowed to accompany a member on Dudmaston pools provided that they obtain a Guest ticket in advance from an authorized person.
11 Each member is entitled to 1 free guest ticket per season for Dudmaston pools (Obtained in advance from the secretary). A further free guest ticket will be awarded to each member that recruits a new member.
12 Adult spouses who are not fishing may accompany their partners. Children who are NOT members are NOT allowed on club waters.
13 Junior Membership is free to children & grandchildren of adult full members, limited to 2 children per adult member.
14 Individual Juniors must pay the clubs junior subscription and be accompanied by an adult.
15 All members are expected to participate in at least one bank working party. Work party dates displayed on membership card.
16 The committee reserve the right to refuse membership renewal if the member does not take part in at least 1 working party.
17 No coarse fish to be removed from any club venue.
18 No live fish baits to be used at Dudmaston Estate, by order of the National Trust.
19 Members shall not interfere or cause a disturbance to other persons using the waters.
20 Members fishing water that has a contest booked on it may be asked to move by the officials running the contest. Information on waters booked for contests can be obtained from the secretary or from the website.
21 No rubbish to be left on any club water. PLEASE REMOVE any rubbish from your swim, regardless as to whether it’s yours or not.
22 No Pike gags or gaffs to be used on any club waters.
23 A Maximum of three (3) rods are permitted to be used at any one time from one (1) peg only. Fish welfare and respect for other anglers must be considered at ALL TIMES.
24 All members should be in possession of a valid Environment Agency Rod license(s).
25 Fishing is Dawn till Dusk on Dudmaston Estate and Hampton Loade. Kempsey night fishing for syndicate members only.
26 No fires permitted on any club waters.
27 Well behaved Dogs are permitted on club waters, but MUST be under control and on a lead at ALL TIME.
28 No Parking except in area shown. Always respect local residents when arriving and leaving club waters. No farm access's to be blocked.
29 Members MUST observe the 'no fishing' areas on the Dudmaston estate. No walking across lawns in front of house. (refer to map book).
30 If you need to use the toilet while on the Dudmaston pools, members are advised that they will need to leave the estate.There are NO toilet facilities on site.
31 The Closed season is enforced on the clubs rivers and Dudmaston waters.
32 Tackle should always be of suitable strength to cope with the target fish.
33 Wire traces should always be used when Pike, Zander and Eel fishing.
34 When fishing for larger specimens like Carp, Pike, Barbel and Tench, its recommended that anglers use unhooking mats.
35 Inexperienced predator anglers should contact the club secretary for advice before targeting these delicate specimens on club waters. Please see below;

Predator Rules

Pike/Zander/Eel Tackle

: Mono - Minimum of 15lb breaking strain.

Braid - Minimum of 30lb breaking strain.

We understand that Perch anglers may feel the need to scale down their rigs and tackle some what from the above, but please bare in mind the risk of hooking into large Pike, Zander or Eels when targeting Perch on our waters.

Rods - Always use a rod that is strong enough to safely hook and land with the species you are targeting.

Wire traces MUST be used when live/deadbait fishing and lure fishing.

A suitably large sized landing net is essential.

Unhooking mats MUST be used at all times.

Always carry long forceps, side cutters and long nosed pliers to enable the quick clean unhooking of fish.
Always put the fish first- if you need to cut the hooks or wire trace to aid unhooking, then do so.
With reference to Eel fishing- should you suffer a deep hooked Eel, the best course of action is to cut the trace as close to the fish as possible and then return the fish.

Pike gags and gaffs are strictly NOT permitted on any KFAC water.

When using 'fish' bait's on Dudmaston and Chelmarsh reservoir, treble hooks are only permitted between 1st October and 31st March. At all other times, single hooks with wire traces MUST be used.

Priority MUST always be given to the safe return of ANY Pike, Perch, Zander or Eel caught from our waters.

Minimum Handling = Maximum Conservation.

Every effort must be made to ensure that deep hooking of predators is prevented - STRIKE EARLY!

NEVER leave rods unattended. Rod butts must never be further than 3 metres apart.

Always use effective bite indication.

The static freelining of baits is not permitted.

Never hold fish in cloths. Wet your hands and unhooking mat before handling fish.

We have decided to bring in a dedicated 'PIKE CARD’ for any angler intending to Pike fish Chelmarsh reservoir. Only members in possession of a Pike card will be permitted to Pike fish on the Reservoir. This card will be free and available to any member. To apply for a Chelmarsh Pike card, please contact the Secretary.

Chelmarsh Pike Card holders are permitted to take a guest to Chelmarsh but the guest tickets need to be purchased in advance from the Secretary at a cost of £10. Any member taking a guest along to Pike fish Chelmarsh is fully responsible for their guest’s actions whilst on the water. If guests are found to be breaking any of the KFAC rules, both the member and the guest will be liable to disciplinary action.

There are five committee members that have stepped forward to bailiff the Pike fishing on Chelmarsh Reservoir. These are Mike Bowker, Steve Williams, Dean Aston, Martyn Lloyd and Ben Cook. Do not be offended if you are asked by one of the bailiffs or a fellow Pike Card holder to produce your Pike Card or to show your end rigs for inspection. Anyone in possession of a 'Pike Card' is encouraged to check fellow Pike cardholder’s cards and tackle and report back to the Club Secretary or one of the bailiffs if they encounter any problems. These measures have been put in place for one reason and that’s to protect the Predator stocks. Please respect them at all times.