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Letter From the Secretary

Dated 28th of February 2013

End of Season 2012/2013 Newsletter

Dear Member,

Welcome to Kinver Freeliners AC’s End of Season Newsletter. Hopefully you have now received your 2013/14 application form for membership to KFAC for next season. (If you haven't received your Newsletter and application form in the post by end of March, please contact me immediately).

I’m not sure if you are aware, but the interest in becoming a member of KFAC has reached an all time high. I currently have around 300 (yes you read that correctly) names on the waiting list and I’m still getting a number of enquires each week for membership to the club! As a current member, you once again have priority in continuing your membership with KFAC. Membership expires on 31st March 2013 and same as last year and you have until 1st June 2013 to renew your membership! After that cut off date, any unclaimed places will once again be offered to the names on the waiting list. PLEASE don’t delay in returning your completed form and cheque to me (and don’t forget your SAE!)

Your place cannot be held after 1st June and I simply don’t have the time to ‘chase’ members for their forms. Can I also remind you that to continue to fish the club waters after 31st March 2013, you will be required to be in possession of the new 2013/14 membership card.

Chelmarsh- Night Fishing! Due to our good behaviour while fishing the Reservoir, and the success (at least on the logistical side of things) of the night fishing, I am pleased to announce that I have been able to obtain permission from SSW for us to have ‘unrestricted’ night fishing on Chelmarsh Reservoir. This means that as a club member you can now night fish on the water as and when you want, rather than us having to pick set dates throughout the year. We all know the problems of having set dates, especially with the UK weather. There were dates last year when I wouldn’t have bothered fishing, other than the fact that we had the dates booked. The night fishing does come with a proviso though and that is that members HAVE TO book in with me prior to fishing. This can be done via email, txt or phone call but it’s a condition of us been allowed onto the water at night, so please make sure you do it.

The same restrictions still apply regarding the parking, with anglers only allowed to use the main ANGLERS CARPARK, with the bottom carpark for dropping gear off ONLY, also NO NIGHT FISHING ON THE MATCH PEGS THE NIGHT BEFORE A SSW MATCH. Our behaviour while on the water must be exemplary and anglers are reminded that we have a toilet block on site for your convenience, please use it!

While talking of night fishing, I would also like to take this opportunity to warn members of the danger of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. We had an incident on one of our waters just before Christmas that could very easily of ended much worse than it did. A member was night fishing Woodlands Lodge Pool, and set up his bivvie for a couple of nights fishing. The member had with him a small coal burner, which he moved inside his bivvie during a rain shower. The burner quickly removed the oxygen inside the bivvie, replacing it with Carbon Monoxide and sending the member to sleep. It was only thanks to Phil Turbin, the bailiff at Woodlands, who happened to pop down for a chat and found the member unconscious. Phil and his partner acted quickly and soon had the fast response paramedic, fire brigade and Air Ambulance in attendance. The member was taken to hospital and has made a full recovery, but according to the ambulance, another 15 minutes could have seen a very different outcome. Please be aware that any burner, be it gas or coal, including BBQs can cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. They should never be used in an enclosed space like a bivvie, for cooking or heat. The club would like to express our thanks to Phil for his quick actions, which helped to save this members life.

Woodlands Pool 2 stocking - I’m hoping that by the time this Newsletter reaches you, the stocking 20 superb carp into Pool 2 will have been completed, to complement the fish that are already in the water. On going work still continues on Pool 2 but please feel free to fish this water.

Work Parties - We will once again be offering a free membership to one lucky member who attends the clubs working parties. Last years free membership was won by club member Rich Foley. Rich attended a number of work parties, so his name was entered a number of times, which increased his chance of winning. This years work parties will be on:

Sunday 31st March Kempsey 8am
Sunday 14th April Kempsey 8am
Wednesday 15th May Hampton Loade 6:30pm
Sunday 2nd June Kempsey 8am
Thursday 6th June Woodgreen Stourport 6:30pm

When you attend, make sure you log your name with someone from the Committee on the day of the work party, to ensure you are entered for the fee membership draw. This is your responsibility! Please remember, it’s a condition of your membership to attend at least one work party! In addition to the official working parties, you may be surprised to learn that we hold many ‘unscheduled’ work parties through out the year. These are often arranged at short notice, due to an unforeseen problem which requires our attention, or just in a general effort to help keep our fisheries in a reasonable condition. Its been noted that we tend to get the same 5 or 6 people turn up for these work parties, which are often announced on the clubs website and forum, at their own expense, both in monetary cost and fishing time. So taking this into account, we have decided to set up a ‘Maintenance Team’. This will be headed up by the clubs Water Maintenance Officer Ben Cook, and will include a small number of members and Committee members. This Maintenance Team will be on hand throughout the season to tackle any extra working parties that will be required. Each member of the maintenance team will be given a free membership to the club in way of compensation for their time and effort.

Lastly, you may have noticed, the club has started to organise a number of ‘social’ events in recent years. These have taken shape in the form of days or weekend’s away fishing to some far off venue, or just an evening in the pub chatting about fishing. We feel these are becoming an important part of the club and are looking to continue them over the coming years. The latest event for you diary is a ‘friendly’ fishing match at Furnace Mill Fishery. This is to be held on 7th April and is limited to 16 members on a first come first served basis. Cost is £10 per angler and will include a breakfast at Furnace Mill before fishing commences. There will also be a pool, which will pay out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. The cost of the pool will be decided on the day. Contact Steve Williams or Club Chairman Mike Bowker for more details or to book your place.

###Look out in your 2013/14 membership pack for possible news on some exciting new venues for KFAC members!###

Regards and Tight Lines,

Steve Williams


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