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Letter From the Secretary

Dated 22nd of March 2011

Spring/Summer 2011 Newsletter

Dear Member,

Welcome to Kinver Freeliners AC’s Spring/Summer 2011 Newsletter.

Over the last few years, seemingly bucking the trend of many clubs, KFAC’s membership has grown steadily.  The membership has now got to a point where we have reached our maximum limit of 200 members. The limit is put there to help maintain a good quality of fishing and surroundings for its members. At the end of the day, none of us want to see the venues rammed with anglers but this is a difficult balancing act to achieve! So this has brought us to a point where we (the Committee) have had to bring in a waiting list for potential new members. If you have received this newsletter (by post) then your place in the club for this coming season is guaranteed, should you decide to re-join. Please complete the supplied membership application form, and return it to me, including your payment and a self addressed envelope. Please note that existing members now don’t need to send in a photo with their membership form, as I now have them on file on my computer. Prospective new members need to contact the Secretary to have their names added to the waiting list.

The Committee have put a cut off date of June 1st for existing members to have renewed their membership. After that date, any unclaimed places will be offered to the names on the waiting list on a first come first served basis. This situation also means that it’s unlikely that the club will be offering ½ year membership for next winter. If you normally join as a ½ year winter member, you will either have to join for the full year or contact me in September to see if by any chance, we have any spaces available but it’s not looking likely at this time.

Hopefully you are aware of the Committees drive to continue to improve the fishing for its members. We continually monitor all our venues in a bid to give you the very best fishing we can. One venue that has caused us more problems than all the others put together is our stretch of the River Teme. The biggest gripe seems to be the poor access, and despite repeated requests to the owner to honour our agreement to keep the track in a useable state, sadly this hasn’t happened. It has got to the point now where the club are left with no option but to drop this water from our portfolio. The Committee were however keen to keep a stretch of the river Teme on our book’s, so after an extensive search, we are pleased to announce that we have taken on a 1 mile stretch of the River Teme at Knightwick, just a few miles above our old stretch. This new venue is a splendid stretch of water that includes some fast shallows, deep bends and all manner of fish holding features. The club have also been granted permission to ‘fly-fish’ this water during the course angling ‘Closed season’. Please check out the club web site for details and maps for this stretch.  The Website will be updated shortly and the map and instructions can be printed off for your convenience. In the mean time, feel free to contact me for details of the fishery.

Obviously I don’t have to remind you all that we are all guests while on our waters and we should all behave accordingly. With this been a new water I would like members to be extra vigilant on checking membership cards.  We want to nip any poaching that might go on, on this stretch, in the bud right from the start. Please don’t be offended if another member asks to see your membership card while you are fishing any of our waters.

Talking of new waters, I’m currently in negotiations for another Stillwater for the club. It’s a long way off been a done deal yet, but hopefully in the near future I’ll be able to make an announcement to you all. Keep checking the clubs Website for more details.

This year’s AGM will be held on Wednesday 11th May at The Vine 1 Dunsley Rd, Kinver, 8pm start (sat-nav postcode DY7 6LJ).

Please note that should you wish to stand for Committee membership, please notify me in writing, at least 7 days prior to the date of the AGM. Any member wishing to stand for Committee membership you must have a proposer and seconder who are members of Kinver Freeliners Angling Club.

Also please note that any proposals to be put to the membership must be sent to the Secretary, in writing, not less than 7 days prior to the date of the meeting. Proposals will only be taken from the floor at the discretion of the officers of the club and time permitting.

Please make every effort to attend, see how the club is run, and find out what’s going on.

Eel Nights

We have once again been granted the privilege to fish the Dudmaston lakes at night, for Eels (and other species). This is not a right of the club to night fish at Dudmaston, permission is granted to us by the donor family. The Eel nights will be held on Saturday 9th July 2011, Saturday 13th August 2011 & Saturday 10th September 2011. Members must apply to the secretary for Eel night tickets. No tickets will be available on the day.  Tickets are limited to 20 for each night, and issued on a first come first served basis. There is no charge for the Eel night tickets but this year I will be asking you to make a charitable donation for your ticket(s). We have asked the Colonel and Mrs Hamilton-Russell, the donor family at the Dudmaston estate, to nominate a charity. They have chosen The Stroke Association.  

Please make all donation cheques payable to Kinver Freeliners AC and we will collect them and then make one payment to the nominated charity on the club’s behalf.

While I’m on the subject of Dudmaston, some of you will be aware of work that’s been going on around the lakes. Brim pool has had some trees removed off the dam, and this work will continue for the next 6 months The poplar trees on the south side of Brim, leading up to the dam on Seggy are also going to be thinned out. This will mean that some areas of Brim and Seggy will be out of bounds to anglers during the time of the work. Members are asked to please adhere to any signs that are up around the lake or instructions given to them by Dudmaston staff or the workmen. This will be for your safety! The National Trust are also going to be dredging the small pool off the Dam on Big pool. This shouldn’t affect our fishing, but again, for your safety please follow any instructions given to you.

Work Parties

Please be aware, the clubs work parties are to be held on:

Sunday 22nd May 2011 Kempsey 8am start
Sunday 5th June 2011 Hampton Loade 8am start
Sunday 12th June 2011 Kempsey 8am start

We’ve also added one evening work party for;

Wednesday 25th May 2011 Hampton Loade 6.30pm start

Please bring your own tools and any materials you think will be useful.

Please note that it is a condition of your membership to attend at least one Work Party.
We are now in a position where we can start to clamp down on non-attendees.

Even if you are unable do any heavy work, there is always something to be done to help out, even if it’s just carrying tools or bringing along a cooker and making a cuppa or a bacon sandwich for those working!!! I know it would be much appreciated!

These work parties are put on to improve the fishing on your waters!

Lastly there are one or two charity events taking place on club waters this coming season. I hope you as members understand that the odd time throughout the year some waters will be unavailable to you. These are for good causes, and hopefully you agree well worth loosing out on the odd mornings fishing. The first is to be held on Hampton Loade on Saturday 23rd July 2011 in aid or Breast cancer. I’ll update the web site as the other dates are confirmed.

Well that’s just about it from me.

I hope you all have a great spring and summer’s fishing. Keep an eye on the Website for upcoming announcements, and don’t forget that if you have any queries or questions, please feel free to contact me via phone or email.

Steve Williams


Archived Letters from the Secretary