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Letter From the Secretary

Dated 8th June 2008

Hello Readers

Hope you are all well and looking forward to the new season. Membership cards are being sent out now following AGM.

I have been informed by Des Taylor that a demonstration is being planned in Bewdley by anglers in response to the plans to ban angling in Bewdley town because of the 90 or so swans in residence. The demo is on Sunday 22nd June at 11.00am on the main Bewdley town bridge. As many members as possible should attend as this is a follow on from Worcester city council doing the same thing. If Bewdley are doing it you can bet Bridgnorth or Stourport will be next and so it will go on. You have been warned. As many of you will know groups of swans in these numbers are not natural as they are naturally in pairs. If they were Canada geese they would be shot. Please make the effort to attend to protect YOUR sport.

The club now has a new chairman as Tony Barnes has stood down after 2 years in the position. The Club wish Tony well in the future. Steve Williams has stepped up from the vice chair to fill the chairmans position and Chris Caten has stepped into the Vice Chair. Ray Southall has moved into water maintenance. Everyone else is still "as you were".

No major changes at AGM other than it was decided to try and encourage junior membership. To this end the club have decided to make junior membership FREE to children and grand children of adult members. For reason of numbers this will be restricted to 2 juniors per adult member. The junior membership card will now have 2 photos. One of the junior member and one of the supervising adult member. Individual junior membership will remain at £20.

This coming season we are planning to bring in an easy payment scheme for the club. It will work as follows;
During the closed season we will collect 3 payments from prospective members. One in April, one in May and one in June before the season starts on the 16th. Upon receipt of the final payment a membership card will be issued as normal. You can, of course still pay in full if you so wish. We are also considering taking 3 post dated cheques complete with guarantee card numbers but this has yet to be finalised. Further details will follow.

As an aid to members I will be trying to use this page to notify you of matches booked on our waters. I will do my best to keep it up to date month by month but No guarantees as sometimes we get a late booking. Hopefully it will work though as late bookings are not common.

Sunday 15th June 2008 15 pegs at Stewponey

Sunday 22nd June 2008 30 pegs at Hampton Loade 22 pegs at Kempsey

Sunday 13th July 2008 18 pegs at Kempsey

Sunday 27th July 2008 20 pegs at Hampton Loade

Would be grateful for some up to date catch reports to help keep members up to date.

Other dates for your diary;

Sunday 18th May 2008 Working party at Hampton Loade 8.30am 2 Attended ( secretary and President)

Sunday 8th June 2008 Working party at Kempsey 8.30am 5 attended

The above is just not good enough. Please try to attend the final work party on the 15th

Sunday 15th June 2008 Working party at Kempsey 8.30am

Monday 16th June 2008 New Season time and Venue to suit you

Saturday 5th July and 16th August 2008 Night fishing at Dudmaston Hall Big pool.

Hope to see you all at at least one of these events.

Graham Wright