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Chelmarsh Reservoir

Chelmarsh Reservoir


If you have any doubts about the rules and regulations regarding fishing on Chelmarsh Reservoir, please contact the Secretary for more information.

Chelmarsh Reservoir

This 100 acre water supply reservoir is owned by South Staffs Water PLC and was built in 1963 to store water pumped from the nearby River Severn. The water is treated at the nearby Hampton Loade Treatment Works on the other side of the river, with it being sent via the well known ‘blue pipe’ bridge over the River Severn to be treated before going on to the surrounding towns in the Midlands.

The Reservoir is situated near to the village of Highley, about half way between the market towns of Bewdley and Bridgnorth. The reservoir is reached by turning off the B4555 at the village of Sutton and following signs for Chelmarsh/Hampton/The Unicorn Inn. After turning off the B4555, follow this single-track lane for about 0.8 of a mile until you reach a junction on your left in front of some farm buildings. Take this left turning (Millfields Lane), which is signposted Private Road – Chelmarsh Reservoir. Continue along this access road for a further 0.6 of a mile, until you turn sharp left, pass through the wooden gates and then swing sharp right as you approach the Dam. The anglers’ car park is a further 200 yards along the access road, up the steep hill, running parallel to the dam. Look for the ‘Anglers Car Park’ sign on the right and park on the grass verge in front of the sign. This is currently the only car park available to Kinver Freeliners AC members.

The Fishing

There is NO FISHING permitted off either dam situated at both ends of the Reservoir or in the vicinity of the sailing boats and launch site. Anglers are also not permitted to access the main dam via the steps. So from the car park you have two choices:

You can carry on up the access road from the Anglers Car Park and at the top of the hill bear left and follow the path between the sailing boats, until you reach Peg 1 (see map). This is an easy walk and ideal for those with trolleys, having a tarmac and gravel path for some of the way, before the path gives way to grass. The further along the reservoir you go the more overgrown the banks become.

Kinver Freeliners AC have access to fish from Peg 1, just past the end of the boats, all the way along the bank to the small dam at the shallow North/West end. This is a distance of about 1,000 metres.

As Kinver Freeliners AC are sharing the fishing with South Staffs Water PLC Employees Angling Club, KFAC members are not permitted to fish Pegs 1 - 40 on the morning of, or during a SSW Employees official club match. Date of the matches are on the KFAC website.

However, you can fish beyond Peg 40 or fish the opposite side of the Reservoir on the morning of or during a match. To access the opposite side, you need to walk back down the hill from the ‘Anglers Car Park’, and a short way back along the access road There is a public footpath on the right which is well signposted and leaves the access road close to the wooden gate.

If you wish, you can drop your fishing gear off at the bottom of the public footpath, before returning your car to the Anglers Car Park.

No parking is permitted on the grass verge, in the lay-by or on the access road by the public footpath. Follow this path up through the small coppice and over the stile into the field. Follow the hedge on your right until you reach the South/West corner of the dam which is about 500 metres. Cross over the stile to gain access to the reservoir. Here we have about 1,350 metres of bank, but this side of the Reservoir doesn’t have many pegs and the access is not as good as the ‘match pegs’ side.

We will be opening up a number of areas to enable anglers to fish, but the further down this side of the Reservoir you go the more overgrown the banks become. From the ‘triangle bay’ to almost the bottom of the reservoir is a ‘jungle’ and we don’t envisage putting any pegs along here, due to the nature of the undergrowth.

The Species

One of the exciting prospects about taking on a water like Chelmarsh is the unknown. It has only been lightly match fished for many years, and yet there are reports of some impressive fish from the water. From what I’ve been told, it seems the dominant species in the water is Bream. These make up the majority of the match weights and average between 1.5lb and 5lb, with occasional larger specimens. Match weights are normally around 30lbs, with pleasure weights of 50lb+. There is also a good head of Barbel, which seem to have originated from the nearby River Severn. In fact, all ‘River Severn’ species are said to exist in the Reservoir. It is said to hold Carp to over 30lbs, Perch to 4lb+, Roach, Chub, Pike and Eels. We will be requiring feedback from club members as to the species and size that are caught. Please email or call the Secretary to report your catches. The narrower North/West end of the reservoir is fairly shallow, with depths of only a few feet, but as you move down towards the inlet and outlet towers the depths drop away to 60+ft.

Rules and Regulations

As you can imagine, there are a number of rules and regulations to govern the fishing on Chelmarsh. Please adhere to these at all times. With Chelmarsh Reservoir being a drinking water supply reservoir, you can imaging that South Staffs Water PLC are keen to make sure that anglers do not use the water or surrounding land as a toilet. As part of the agreement between South Staffs Water PLC and Kinver Freeliners AC, and at great expense to the club, we are going to re-build an old toilet block on site. This toilet block is situated at the top of the access road, close to the disabled parking spaces (see map). Anglers are required to use this toilet at all times, when needed. Please keep the toilet clean and tidy. There are some sophisticated surveillance cameras situated around the Reservoir, please be aware that you are probably being watched.

DO NOT drop litter of any kind, including 'cigarette butt ends'.
Take ALL LITTER home, regardless as to whether its your or not.
DO NOT drop or discard fishing line.
DO NOT disturb birds or wildlife.
NO FIRES. KFAC Members attention is drawn to the potential fire risk by the careless throwing away of lighted matches, cigarette ends etc. Extreme caution must be exercised at all times.
NO ANIMALS whatsoever are to be brought onto company land (including pet dogs).

Lead weights for fishing is banned. Non toxic weights are permitted. Please respect the other water users, including sailing club members and members of the employees angling club. Any problems or incidents are required to be reported to the club Secretary as soon as possible.

Night fishing is now permitted for KFAC members. Members need to ensure that they are NOT fishing a match peg the night before a SSW match.

This is a great opportunity for Kinver Freeliners Angling Club members to fish Chelmarsh Reservoir. Please be respectful and understand that we are guests while on this water.

Chelmarsh Reservoir